The way it was..

Websites and blogs have
come a long way in a relatively short time. Just a few years ago a small
business would have used a “Web Designer” and paid anything from a few hundred
pounds to several thousand for a 3 or 4 page static website. This meant every time
you wanted to change, add or update information or pictures you had to contact
the designer and pay and wait for them to do it for you.

Easy to update

Most business owners
today have a much better idea of what they need for their business website and
Internet services. Top of the list of concerns is being able to edit text, add
pages and pictures anytime they need to – day, night weekends and holidays, and
of course, at no extra cost.






There is a method that
does just that, called WordPress. This is what is called a CMS, Content
Management System. WordPress is one of many Free Open Source Platforms
available and is probably the most popular of them all and can be used for the
simplest website or blog to very large multi page sites. Once a WP site is
installed it will be automatically updated as and when updates are available
and we make sure that your website is secure and free from spam and malicious

With a bespoke custom
website built upon the WordPress framework it enables the business owner to
update the content of their website themselves.


Building websites with
WordPress enables us to create any kind of customisation you can think of. We
can tailor a WordPress installation to meet your exact requirements. While
there are many free and paid for premium WP themes available all over the
Internet, we have the ability to create and develop a site far more customised
– built from scratch to suit your brand or business.


Selling Online

WordPress can also be
adapted for selling online and can incorporate an ecommerce module that will
allow online sales and would be the ideal solution for the small business
starting out.


Website Features
  • Bespoke, custom design.
  • Adaptable and responsive design for PC, tablet or phone.
  • Unique domain name (subject to availablity)
  • Personalised email accounts.
  • One years secure hosting
  • Your own Blog included
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Google Analytics
  • Outstanding value for money!

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